General Information

To get into the Holy Land , as citizens of America you only need a passport valid for at least 6 months after your departure. As your stay is less than 3 months, you do not need a visa.
If you want a later visit an Arab country (except Jordan and Egypt) do not forget to clearly ask the customs not to affix his stamp of entry or exit directly on your passport but on a sheet of paper flying. Many Arab countries do not grant tourist visa if your passport has an Israeli stamp.
The border crossing is usually quite unpleasant and includes an interrogation on your activities in the West Bank and a body search and a search of your luggage. One advice: stay calm.

* A tip: Always carry a photocopy of your passport.

The climate
The climate east Mediterranean-type. The sun is almost always the appointment. The days are warm but nights can be chilly.
Average temperatures in May / June / September / October:
In Jerusalem: 15/28
In Jericho: 24/37
In Nazareth: 14/31

Health and Drugs Useful
No vaccine mandatory
Make sure, however, to update your routine vaccinations. The vaccine against Hepatitis A is also recommended.
Beware of the sun. Do you cover it with clothes but detailed long, wear a hat and you rehydrate very often.
You’ll find pharmacies in the West Bank but nevertheless we recommend you bring the following medicines, often helpful:
* Antidiarrhéique and intestinal antiseptic.
* Antibiotics broad spectrum.
* Sunscreen high protection
* Aspirin or anti-pain usual (ex paracetamol)
* Tricostéril and disinfectant.
* Antihistamine (allergies, bites)

The currency in both Israel and Palestine territories are shekel. In SEP 2008, 1 US dollar is worth about 3.50 shekels.
The dollar and the euro may also be used for all payments.
The exchange rate prevailing at the offices of border crossings and the banks are poor and you have to pay a heavy commission. Trade rather your money exchange offices in major cities.
The banks open until about 14, have rarely vending machines.

Palestine/Israel  is located in zone GMT +2.

The electric current is usually 220V.

Calls from USA to Palestine: Call 00 972 0 + 7 digits of your correspondent
Calls from USA to Israel: Call 00 972 2 + 7 digits of your correspondent
Calls for Palestine/ Israel to USA: please call 00 1 + phone number without 0
Since Jerusalem dial 012, 013 or 014 initially.
Public telephones operate with cards sold at post offices and grocery stores.
The post offices are generally open until 14h. You can send your mail and qu’appeler abroad.

Uses and Customs (inconveniences, rules of courtesy): 
The Palestinians are known for their sense of hospitality and welcome you with open arms. However, in order not to interfere, whether in the holy places or elsewhere, make sure you dress modestly. Avoid shorts (for both men and women) and T-shirts without sleeves. As elsewhere, trying to seek permission from interested parties before photographing.
Remember that haggling is a common practice in market.

* A large travel bag or suitcase flexible medium-sized and a small backpack containing personal belongings during the day
* Couvrants clothes and loose, natural fiber, not to offend the sensibilities of people while protecting you from the sun and heat
* A sweater for the evenings a little fresh
* Comfortable shoes for walking
* A bathing suit to enjoy the waters of the Dead Sea
* A headscarf is always useful
* A hat, sunglasses
* A gourd